Certified Life Coach For Kids

As a Mind Shifting Mentor, aka Certified Life Coach for Kids, I am strongly committed to teaching children tools to build a successful life.  One full of achievement, pride, confidence and positive self-esteem.  One where, children become teenagers, teenagers become adults who know that they are worthy of a great life.  

Children must build on characteristics they are born with.  To be joyful, innate.  To be kind and loving, innate.  It takes an experience to change someone's outlook.  They experience their world through the lens of their parents until they reach a certain age.  Parents control their diet, their game time, their wardrobe, their sports schedule, their education, their futures!  Then at some point these kids; who may still be kids or who have become adults break.  They do not have control over everything in life; especially everything outside of them.  

Sometimes people aren't so kind, sometimes children will make poor decisions, sometimes parents divorce and at some point, we lose someone close to us.  Learning who they are, what are their responsibilities as humans, learning that sadness, anger, or shame do not define who we are except when we give those feelings power.  So could self empowerment tools learned at a young age help us, help them, build a strong foundation where they stand tall through the ups and downs of life. 

Our workshops or personal one-on-one coaching sessions include stories, crafts, mindfulness activities such as meditation, qi-gong exercises, tapping (EFT), conversation and more.  Effective strategies when practiced and incorporated into family life, help children cope through everyday struggles.  Important tools when the mental state of our children is in crisis, rates of depression, anxiety and suicide.  Following every workshop and session, I personally email the child's parent to give an overview of what was taught and how to continue to support their child's success at home with this growth mindset.

As a public speaker, I engage parents with lessons, theories, concepts and strategies.  Parents leave with at least one "win" to improve the life of their child and their relationship with them.

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