About Me

Hi!  My name is Sabrina.  I am a Mom.  A Mom who while having a demanding full time professional career, has worked exhaustingly in raising two children to hold the qualities of  confidence, self-esteem, respect for themselves as well as others, accountability, responsibility and expectation of one's actions.

Sound familiar?  I am not alone.  Don't we all want the best for our kids?


Of course.

Yet, we still worry and we still feel exhausted by effort.

We still worry because we are parents of new generations who are dealing with so much more than just feeling left out.  Our children are exposed to social media from a very young age, to sexual innuendos (yes even on certain family stations), it's only cool to listen to explicit and angry music.  

Though so much of our society has changed, our kids still deal with "fitting in", learning what friendship is about in addition to learning about themselves, their feelings and their identity.  Kids know what a bully is, not to be a bully and to ask for help; but DO THEY ask for help?  Are they learning real coping skills?  Real life includes broken relationships, disappointment, making mistakes, sometimes failing, forgiveness and death.  All of these experiences contribute to strong characteristics like empathy, compassion and love.

Talk to a grade 9 student and ask them if they were prepared for high school.  Ask a teen about the definition of dating versus casual hook ups.  Listen to a University graduate who continues school because they don't know what they want to do after four years in a post secondary school or how difficult it is to find a job.  

Yes I still worry but all I can do is trust that I am teaching my children how to cope with these real life lessons and situations, that they see the value of themselves and other human beings, so that they survive with the least amount of hurt and disappointment that will come but also stand tall what ever comes their way.  

Following some wake up calls, I left my career to go back to school to be of service to children and young adults.  I am a  Certified Life Coach For Kids and have a diploma in Psychospiritual Studies.  

I'm honoured and privileged to provide children  with hands on tools to get through the ups and downs of growing up; the tools to STAND TALL through life...while having fun!