A Shocking Answer From My Survey Leads To Five Tips

Some are excited to find out which of their friends will be in their class, some are worried their friends won’t be in their class, some are worried about how their friends will treat them and 30 per cent, were worried about whether their friends would treat them the way they did last year. Ouch! When I dug a little deeper, I found out that the worst feeling to come out of their sad memories from last year was that these kids felt alone. Once again, children felt alone.

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Sabrina Belo
It’s moments like this when we have to find our own strength...deep inside

This article’s intention is to move parents into a new perception.  If you don’t live under a rock, you are witness to the lack of mindfulness around courtesy, kindness and respect (just some examples) in our communities from children to adults.  Imagine if 50% of the kids were empowered with skills such as the power of self-responsibility, integrity and self-respect - what would the school yards look like then?  What would our futures look like?  What would their futures look like?

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