Coach is the right word to simply define what I do and how I can be looked at in terms of how I teach your kids.  I can be called teacher, mentor, really doesn't matter.  What it does tell you is that I am certified and insured to teach children the Adventures In Wisdom™ program.  In addition to these credentials, I have a diploma in Psychospiritual Studies and I am very passionate that children need to learn skills to develop and/or change their mindset from negative to positive.


With Adventures In Wisdom™, the unique curriculum is all about changing children's mindsets.  It is about developing their mindsets and empower them with the skill of using their minds.  Through the power of their minds and thoughts they are in complete control of the life experience.  They take responsibility to create their own happiness, to achieve their dreams with a plan, to focus on the things they are great at, to match their self-reflection with their current adventure and to harness the skills to get through challenges without it being more difficult than it needs to be.  My programs and workshops incorporate the AIW curriculum as well as other therapeutic modalities including sound, qi-gong, tapping (EFT), yoga and meditation.


This is the best time to have a life coach!  Imagine how different the outcome of some of the decisions or experiences by knowing the tools we teach at Standing Tall Kids.  "Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou.

I believe kids will do better in their lives, when they learn and practice these tools.  When children's brains are young, their frontal lobes have not yet fully developed.  The frontal lobe is where critical thinking occurs.  The advantage here is that they have yet to experience and remember as many negative things or created as many negative patterns like an adult.  This is the best time to develop positive patterns and excellent habits.  Even more reason why stories and activities are so effective in helping them learn these powerful mindset skills.


Great question.  We don't parent in this program.  At Standing Tall Kids, we go beyond teaching how to behave, how to treat others and manners for example.  The kids in these programs are discovering their super powers!  Even parents walk away with new practices for themselves!  I'm not in competition with parents or teachers.  I'm offering a service in developing children's awareness of self and others, teaching that there is so much power in being accountable, to help them understand and learn tools to fully understand that they make choices and own their perspective of their life experiences.  

Some kids need help academically. This program is for kids who need a new way of seeing themselves through the lens of confidence, positive self-esteem, to develop coping skills, to find courage, overcome shyness, to trust their inner compass as a guide to making the right decision for themselves, and so much more.

These are tools that had I had available to me through my life experiences it may not have been such a difficult journey.

Why would my kid need your program?

There are a number of reasons why a parent would hire a life coach to work with their child; some of the most common reasons are:

  • their child is dealing with self-esteem, worried about what others think of them, getting down on themselves, thinking no one likes them, etc.
  • their child is dealing with lack of confidence, shyness or anxiety.  Everything must be in a specific order, they are very dependant on routine, refusing to try new things,etc.
  • their child's outlook is a constant struggle of whining, even anger for some.  Maybe about homework, chores, friends, teachers, siblings.
  • their child is dealing with major changes like a move, new school, parents divorce or even a death
  • they want a head start in developing leadership skills in their children  with self-responsibility
  • they see their child is struggling with peers, making some poor decisions 

Important to know that though I am a student of psychotherapy, I am not a registered psychotherapist...yet!  I am trained in recognizing conditions outside of my scope and I will discuss options with you and provide you with referrals to colleagues.