Teaching kids tools to stand tall through life

Welcome to Standing Tall Kids, where we teach children the tools to stand tall through life.  

Many of us have had to learn through our own experiences the ups and downs of life.  As parents, we instinctively want to protect our children from hurt, difficult realities and from disappointment.  On the parenting journey, we may at times go to an extreme by over protecting our kids, however if they don't have their own experiences, how will they grow?  How do they react to not being liked by someone?  How do they respond to homework?  How will they react when they don't get that job?  How will they cope with loss in competition as they get older?  

I've been witness to many young people who are leaving high-school, university or college fearful of the enormous feat that faces them.  What used to be exciting for us to graduate, start our careers and grow as individuals, is the most frightening thing to young adults.  Not being liked, not getting that job, not winning, used to be lessons for us and are now markers of failure to these young minds.

It is my personal mission to positively influence children's mindsets, a cause which I am extremely passionate about.  Empowering children to use the power of their mind and thoughts to create happiness, confidence and success.  We can't eliminate the pressures our kids face in today's world but; we can give them the tools to manage, persevere, stay strong and succeed.

What if there was a way of teaching our children strategies to set them up for "real" life?  The tools I teach are actual exercises, explanations, strategies and systems that will influence your child's development and long-term success.  

Kids learn how to break through fear and create courage; overcome disappointments and failures without giving up on themselves; manage mistakes without blame and excuses; and handle change with confidence and ease.

Adventures In Wisdomâ„¢, is developed around 5 core values and is how I run my business:

                1.  Integrity and Ethics

                2.  Professionalism and Respect

                3.  Passion and Empowerment

                4.  Accountability and Ownership

                5.  Having fun